The Blog

Hello, friend.

Please forgive my clunky writing style. I hate editing.

I don’t know why you are here or what brought you here, but I am glad you are here.

I’ll get right down to it: I hide. I hide so much of myself from anyone and everyone that comes across my path. I hide because revealing what truly makes me an individual is scary. I hide because my opinions may not be the most popular. I hide because I might be wrong.

I do not want to hide anymore.

Today, December 19, 2016, is the day that I actively start making myself known. I have had the desire to live an explicitly authentic life for the better part of a year now because I feel as that is the only way true Christian community can be built. Only recently have I realized that culture today and the way we interact on an everyday basis is not very conducive to the willingness I have to share myself with those I interact with. Specifically, I mean that I feel as though I don’t get to share my faith, my testimony, and the strong opinions I have on a regular basis. Boy howdy do I want to.

I decided when I had this desire to live an authentic life that I would only share my testimony when people asked me explicitly what my testimony was. Neither would I mince words, share only half-truths, and/or neglect to offer what I learned from these experiences when I shared. If I was going to share my testimony, then it would be in the context of sharing the Gospel and building up the Church. This would be especially important when I was in the midst of sin and deviating from God’s plan for my life.

This is the premise behind this blog.

Here, I am making the commitment to not mince words and never share only half-truths, always making known what I am pondering and why I am pondering it. If I have come to a conclusion, I will not deny that to you either, dear friend.

You have a job, though as a reader of this blog. This job, should you so choose to take it up, is to keep me accountable to all that I have laid out just now. If something I say causes you to have a thought, then gosh darn it, you now have a toe dipped in to building a personal relationship with me. How exciting is that!? Do a friggin cannonball, by all means!

My hope and prayer is that you might find encouragement, conviction, and learning all under the umbrella of authenticity.